Internationalize! Faire progresser la communication et le commerce international
Internationalize! Faire progresser la communication et le commerce international

Advancing international trade and communication through people all over the world

My name is Carole Bikindou. Welcome to our website!


I am a French entrepreneur, with an extensive experience in sales administration, procurement, customer service, logistics and import/export as well as accounts payable and receivable, gained abroad, following my international trade and business administration studies.


Aim of our business Internationalize! is to strongly encourage companies, organisations and private people from all over the world to embrace internationalisation, as growth and revenue opportunities (secure jobs, clients, suppliers, personnel and so on) within respective national boundaries are getting scarcer from day-to-day. Therefore, the most sustainable way to get by or to keep growing is seeking and/or creating opportunities in as many countries as possible. However, the international context is extremely complex and difficult to master. That is precisely what Internationalize! is there for: helping its clients navigate their way through all regulations and obstacles set in front of them, especially regarding the language barrier.

In such end, Internationalize! currently offers the following services:


  • Translations from English/German to French and the other way around relating to international trade, corporate communication, marketing and any other relevant subjects
  • International marketing, (online) content writing, event planning/management (private/business trip, birthday, conferences etc), web development
  • Operational and strategic assistance in international administrative matters (data entry, business correspondence, CVs, visa application, team management amongst other), supply chain, sales/business development, stakeholder relationship management, accounts receivables / payable, change management
  • Consulting services (customs regulations, marketing mix, expatriation/impatriation and more)


In the near future, this service portfolio will be extended to language and literacy courses, amongst other, as the prerequisite for successful (international) trade and communication is one the most basic people’s skills, i.e. the mother tongue’s mastery, which constitutes a strong basis for the acquisition of a foreign language and for the search of new shores abroad.

This is why Internationalize! ‘s slogan is “Advancing international trade and communication through people all over the world.”


I wish you a pleasant experience on our website!


Contact details

7 Impasse des Houlles


If you want to contact us, you can do so over the phone at +33 (0)641297501+33 (0)641297501 or per email.


You can also use our contact form.


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