Internationalize! Faire progresser la communication et le commerce international
Internationalize! Faire progresser la communication et le commerce international

Our Services

Internationalize! provides individuals, organisations and companies with a wide array of services enabling them to identify, define, develop, implement or improve their growth opportunities overseas.

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Our Services Portfolio

International Marketing / Trade Support

This is our core business. We effectively and efficiently help our customers elaborate or improve their strategic and operational marketing mix (from business development strategy to marketing campaigns), and particularly their logistics, supply chain and import/export operations thanks to our strong intercultural competence as well as our thorough international business understanding. Learn more

Administrative Support

We provide thorough and versatile support in areas such as office management, customer relationship management, international relocation, visa application, amongst other. Click here to know more.

Translation / Localisation / Proofreading

We are specialised in the translation, localisation and/or proofreading of all kinds of texts relating to import/export, marketing, corporate communication, academic papers and so on.
Translation in detail

Consulting Services

We can help you to choose the right payment method (documentary letter of credit versus cash-in-advance payment), between sea or air shipment or the most advantageous place for goods entry, for example. Just put us to the test!


Contact details

7 Impasse des Houlles


If you want to contact us, you can do so over the phone at +33 (0)641297501+33 (0)641297501 or per email.


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